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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who is Evan McMullin and what exactly is he trying to accomplish?

The more I learn about "Independent" presidential candidate Evan McMullin, the more suspicious I become regarding his motivations.  McMullin spent eleven years in the CIA, about the same amount of time yours truly worked for the organization.  McMullin worked in the Counter-Terrorism Center and he deserves our gratitude for being part of the effort to combat the spread of international terror.  My issue with McMullin begins after his career in the Agency ended.  He returned to school and earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration, then somehow became a national security advisor for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.  No one can say that McMullin is not well-schooled, and there would be no point in questioning his obvious grasp of Foreign Affairs.  I am suspicious of Mr. McMullin because he is part and parcel of the Republican establishment that is fighting Donald Trump from the inside, as part of a determined and well-funded effort to keep Trump from taking control of the Party.  You've seen some of the other members of this group- the Republicans in name only (RINOs) who are so obsessed with holding on to their meal ticket that they have chosen to endorse the Democratic nominee over the Republican.  Its one thing to say that you don't like Trump and refuse to support him, but to actually endorse Hillary Clinton signifies personal fear, not for the future of the United States, but for the continuation of the status quo.

Make no mistake, folks.  When Donald Trump wins this election, the Republican Party will be put on notice.  Real reform is necessary.  Entitlement abuse must end for both Democrats and Republicans.  Trump will herald the death of business-as-usual in Washington DC, and people like Evan McMullin are running scared.  I have made every effort to try and understand what motivates this man to run for president.  His circumstances are not complicated, as he has absolutely no chance of winning this election.  Some of his sycophants have released a "schedule" of sorts, that identifies a number of events which could, legally, result in a "President McMullin".  Relax, my friends, its nothing new.  His supporters argue that if McMullin draws enough electoral votes away from the two candidates, that the election will be decided in the House of Representatives.  This plan has a few more features, but there really is no need to waste any more of our time.  The only state in which McMullin is competitve is Utah.  Evan McMullin could reasonably win the popular vote. The good folks of the Beehive State are not thrilled with Trump as a candidate, and Utah will never vote Democrat, ar least not in my lifetime.  The main problem with Mcmullin's plan, is that he will NOT be taking electoral votes away from both candidates, he will be taking them away from Donald Trump.  McMullin knows this, and so does Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump will probably lose the election without Utah's electoral votes.  Its that serious.  As for McMullin's plan to send the election to the House of Representatives- it will never happen.  Simply put, a McMullin victory in Utah puts Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Which brings us back to motovations.  McMullin is young enough to hold serious aspirations for higher office.  A grateful Republican establishment would have no trouble annointing McMullin as one of its "faces of the future".  I don't know for a fact that McMullin is running on behalf of the RINO nation, but nothing else makes sense to me.  I am opposed to the RINO establishment because I happen to be one of those odd people who still supports term limits, and I don't believe that the founding fathers intended for people to turn representative service in Congress into a life-long occupation.  Many of these people don't give a hoot about policy and the differences between Republican and Democrat.  They are dually driven by their obsession to remain in a position of power and to continue making gobs of money.  Are you aware that every member of Congress is a millionaire?  The scary fact is that most of them did not arrive as such.  Its a good job to have, no doubt.

I pray that the good people of Utah think long and hard about a Clinton Presidency and what that means for the Supreme Court and our protected right to freedom of religion.  Four left-wing activist judges will be more than enough to start limiting when and where we can practice our faith.  Citizens of Utah, please understand that a vote for McMullin will help Hillary Clinton win the White House.  You don't like Donald Trump personally?  You aren't alone.  But he is on your side of the issues, and Hillary Clinton is not.  Concerning yourself with where Evan McMullin stands on the issues is sadly a waste of time because he can't win.  Remind yourself about the issues that matter: job creation, foreign trade, a disasterous national debt, the Supreme Court, terrorism, and the erosion of personal liberty.  Trump stands with you on those issues, as do Ben Carson, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Mike Pence, and many more honorable past public servants who would undoubtedly become part of the Trump Administration.  Please don't allow yourself to be manipulated into supporting Hillary Clinton.

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