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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Trump correct when he claims the presidential election is "rigged"?

I admit that Donald Trump deos not communicate as effectively as he should, given his credentials as a billionaire businessman and the Republican nominee for president.  How he has managed to be so successful is a bit of a mystery.  Regardless, he has been tremendously successful.  He has a special understanding of international business and the pitfalls of signing treaties like the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  One of the phrases that Trump continues to use that particularly annoys me, is "the election is rigged".  It comes across as something one grade school student would say to another, after a heated game of baseball.  I would prefer that Trump say something like, "the Democrats have put the pieces together that they believe will allow them to steal this election.". But I didn't chose Donald Trump, a landslide of other Republican primary voters are responsible for that decision.  Be that as it may, his speaking style obviously appeals to some people, and he is the man we need to beat Hillary Clinton.  But what about his claim that the election is rigged?  What could he be referring to?

According to the polls, weeks ago, Donald Trump had a double-digit lead in Ohio, a five-point lead in North Carolina, and a four-point lead in Florida.  He was threatening to overwhelm Hillary Clinton all over the map.  Her health had become an issue, and the Wikileaks email dump was waiting on the horizon.  Trump went into the first debate with an air of confidence that seemed appropriate.  The debate began as all the debates should, with a legitimate question about jobs.  But before the night was over, the moderator had introduced three subjects that had nothing to do with the issues.  Of course those questions were all directed at Trump.  "Why won't you release your tax returns?  Who is this former Miss Universe that accuses you of harassment?  Do you still believe that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen?". The attack was shocking in its bias and lack of subtlety.   Because I have been following the election, I know that Trump has explained repeatedly that he can't release his tax returns until the IRS has concluded an in-process audit.  The moderator and Hillary Clinton understand the position Trump is in, but they also know that if they repeat the question enough, some people will start to assume that Trump has something to hide.  Then one of the mainstream newspapers releases a false story that Trump pays no income tax.  His refutation makes no difference- the cat is already out of the bag.  As soon as the debate was comcluded, the press started picking on the story of a former Miss Universe that claimed that Trump had called her "fat".  The day after the debate, the media wasn't analyzing where the candidates stood on the issues; instead, the media was up to its neck giving this colorful and also criminal woman more airplay than jobs, or trade, or terrorism, or the economy, etc.  What came next?  The "locker room talk" video tape, well-spaced in between Miss Universe and the seven Democratic activists and outright liars that the press and the Clinton Campaign dug up.  The original purpose was probably to distract voters from details contained in the Wikileaks email dump, but the overall result was much more than the Democrats could have hoped for.  Donald Trump now trails in the polls in all the battleground states, and appears to be having trouble even in safe red states like Arizona and Utah.  True, the media is manipulating the polls to make the race appear to be over already, but there can be no denying that tremendous damage was done to the Trump Campaign.

The media has played a shameful, and in my opinion, criminal role in this campaign.  But when Trump talks about the election bring "rigged", he is also imcluding evidence of massive voter fraud already taking place in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and even Iowa.  Strangely enough, every time an incident of voter fraud is discovered, its a Democratic activist who has been busted.  There is real evidence that volunteers for the Clinton Campaign (and for the numerous left-wing groups who suppprt her), are actually providing instruction on how to register dead people and how to vote multiple times.  This is what Donald Trump is up against.

I wish I had an answer, or at least something optimistic to say.  I'm still struggling with friends who despise both candidates so much, that they are voting for the Libertarian or Independent Candidate.  They might as well go into the voting booth and pull the lever for Hillary Clinton.  I'm also frustrated that my own efforts to spread the word have met with less than successful results.  In the last two weeks, my blog posts have been linked or shared only TWO TIMES.  Folks, we all have to so something other than complain to our like-minded friends and family.  Find that person who has decided not to vote and explain to them the equities involved in this election.  I don't think our Constitution can survive Hillary Clinton's Supreme Court selections.

Trump is on the money; with the power of the media behind her, and a Justice Department that will not prosecute her or investigate voter fraud, Hillary is sitting in the catbird seat.  What we need is a true American miracle.  The unseen, uncounted and ignored majority must rise up and sweep the Democratic crud right into the gutter!  Does Donald Trump aggravate the heck outa you?  Join the club!  Then go back and review the issues.  You will agree with every one of his proposals.  And remember who he has as his team: Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson, Rudy Guiliani, and even Judge Judy Sheindlin!  Don't let a day go by without doing something positive.  Share my posts, donate money, put up a yard sign, spread a message on Facebook- together we can make it happen!

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