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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The poliics of distraction and personal destruction, Hillary Clinton style.

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You can mark down Wednesday, October 12, as the day that the 2016 Presidential election came to an end, at least for practical purposes.  It certainly seems to be over, if you spend a few minutes channel surfing through the various news channels.  It does seem unlikely that Republican nominee Donald Trimp will be able to recover from today's sordid list of accusations.  By some incredible coincidence, four (the number may go up before morning) women have come forth today to accuse Mr. Trump of innapropriate behavior.  Since I only read the article once, I may not remember all the details clearly, but one accuser is a 74 year old woman.  According to her, thirty years prior Mr. Trump attempted to "grab her breast".  Another accuser claimed that in 2005 she was standing outside Trump Tower, and Mr. Trump walked up and kissed her.  No doubt these accusations have been made before, and remain nothing more than unsubstantiated allegations.  All four of these women randomly decided to speak up three days after Donald Trump reminded the American people of former President Bill Clinton's past.  Mr. Trump invited a group of women to the second debate who had previously accused Bill Clinton of everything from sexual assault to rape.  Again, the timing must be a coincidence.  Otherwise we would be obliged to consider that the American press and media are in cahoots with the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.  How could anyone even joke around about something so serious as a national media with a political agenda?

On occasion, politics can get messy, and at times, it can be complicated.  At least in this instance, the situation isn't complicated.  last year or earlier this year, when the press became aware of just how serious Donald Trump was about running for President, they did the usual search for anything embarrassing or compromising in his past.  Its the type of firing line that all Republican candidates have to risk. Democratic candidates were usually given a free ride, at least until Fox News arrived on the scene.  The networks and news companies put everything they had collected "on ice" during the Republican Primary.  Why didn't they just release all the negative stuff then, so he would lose in the primaries?  The mainstream media actually wanted Trump to win the Republican nomination, because from their perspective, of all the Republicans fighting for the nomination, Trump would be the easiest for Hillary to beat in a General Election.  Let's face it, Mr. Trump does not always communicate effectively, and he has no idea how to behave himself for an extended period of time on the national stage; not to mention the video of his "locker room banter", the complaints made by the former Ms. Universe, and the handful of women who, over the past three decades, have publicly accused Mr. Trump of "innapropriate behavior".  Absolutely the Democratic establishment wanted Trump to win the Republican nomonation.  And when I say Democratic establishment, I mean to include its military wing, the mainstream media.  This effort on behalf of the press and media is nothing new.  They can take full credit for the weak Republican nominees in 2008 and 2012 as well.

I can't be alone in wishing that we could have an election with two opponents who put forward their ideas, intentions, and perspectives, and give us the opportunity to decide which vision is the best.  The media continues to remind us in both print and on the airwaves, that the American people want an election that focuses exclusively on the issues.  Then the same media will introduce you to the video tape that they dug up that shows Trump at his worst, albeit in a private conversation that had nothing to do with job creation or the environment.  The press plays this game with such aggressiveness that they must take us to be the most ignorant bunch of patsies.  While the press is busy piling on Trump, Congress is discovering evidence of a Justice Department that colluded with the Clinton Campaign during its so-called investigation of Clinton's private email server.  As I write this post, Wikileaks is releasing reams of emails from Clinton aides and associates that paint a clear picture of someone who exists above the law, and enjoys being one of the "chosen ones".

Donald Trump departed the Republican Convention in Cleveland with a clean slate.  Hillary Clinton was not so fortunate.  Congress comtinued to be interested in Clinton's illegal server, and what became of 33,000 missing emails.  Hillary Clinton used thirteen different Blackberries and cell phones during her time as Secretary of State. The FBI and Congress were both interested in these thirteen devices as part of their investigation.  Hillary Clinton had all thirteen devices DESTROYED.  We are talking about government property here.  Can you imagine what would happen to a Secretary at the Department of Agriculture who knowingly destroyed his/her government cell phone?  I won't bother getting into the agreement the FBI made with Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, which resulted in the destruction of their laptops. Hillary should have been obliged to explain these controversies because they occurred when she was getting a government paycheck.  That means she was accountable to us, folks.  Those cell phones and Blackberries were the property of the people of the United States, and the only reason to destroy each and every one would be to comceal evidence of wrongdoing.  We've been through two debates and the only time Hillary Clinton is prssed on these issues is when they are brought up by Domald Trump.

The mainstream media feels totally justifed in its actions.  They have come to the comclusion that half of America is too stupid, too racist. and too religious to be trusted with electing a president.  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe they are on to something.  Why else would people allow themselves to be imfluenced by what is clearly political manipulation?  People are so quick to believe everything they see on the news.  "Well I heard it on CNN, so it must be true.". CNN, the NY Times and the Washington Post no longer have the right to call themselves fair and balanced.  The bosses decide who they think is best, give a ringing endorsement, then go about systematically burying the opponent with the politics of personal destruction.  I for one do not want the media choosing my president, and I will continue to call it like I see it, for as long as I can.  Don't think twice about those RINO Republicans who speak out against Trump.  They never truly supported his candidacy because he trounced a couple of their coworkers in the primaries.  When all is said and done, let your common sense and conscience be your guides.  They will not steer you wrong.

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