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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We are doing our part; its time for Donald Trump to validate our support with a dominant performance in Wednesday's debate.

The events of the last few days have breathed life back into the Trump Campaign.  Once the media was obliged to take a break from the non-stop personal attacks on Donald Trump, the American people were reminded why Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be President.  A cursory examination of the seventeen thousand-plus emails that have been released by Wikileaks boss Julian Assange detail a system of corruption within the Clinton machine that seeks to control everything.  The Clinton Campaign has no respect for our political process or our system of government.  One email after another contains disrespectful comments regarding not just Republicans, but any Democrats that have had the nerve to oppose the Hillary machine.  Also, a review of the emails demonstrate a willingness on the part of Clinton to bargain and barter her way around rules and regulations, regardless of security protocols.  But we haven't seen the good stuff yet.  Assange is a showman, and he is determined to have a dramatic climax to the release of these emails.  There is no doubt that something huge is on the way, otherwise why would the Obama Administration jump through hoops to get Assange's internet connection terminated?  True, the Administration denied having anything to do with the Ecuadorian government's decision to shut down Assange's internet access, but that denial isn't worth the paper its printed on.  Don't act indignant, President Obama- the American people are well aware that you are not to be trusted.  It tears me up to say it, but sadly, we've reached that point, folks.

Today, Conservative Producer James O'Keefe released the second in a series of documentaries that detail the endemic corruption that acts as glue to the Clinton machine.  Yesterday we learned that Clinton Campaign officials were guilty of inserting drunks, drug addicts, and mentally ill homeless people into Trump Campaign appearances, with the intention of creating havoc and inciting violence. Today's documentary short was even more disturbing, but probably not surprising.  As I announced in yesterday's blog post, the Clinton Campaign is training its operatives to commit electoral fraud.  Specifically, they are being instructed on ways to register dead people, manipulate the lack of an identification requirement, and use the accusation of racism to avoid any and all accountability.  Its business as usual, according to one of the Campaign bosses that they caught on video tape.  I guess the Acorn scandal from the previous presidential election didn't go very far in encouraging integrity with the Democrats.

Earlier today a friend reminded me just how unreliable most of today's polling methodologies have become.  Be that as it may, the polls have been tightening, especially in Ohio and Florida (don't worry abour North Carolina.....there is no way that the Tarheel State will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump).  After the temporary smoke left by the slander and lies faded away, the American people remembered the true equities involved with this election.  Hillary Clinton can't be allowed to chose the next four Supreme Court Justices- our nation would be altered in ways that I'm too disturbed to point out.  I'm convinced that come election day, a silent majority is going to rise up in this country, and exclaim to the world, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"  We need to return to the America of my youth, when it was shameful to disrespect the flag and the National Anthem.  Donald Trump must also do his part in Wednesday's debate.  He must strike the perfect balance of explaining his policies and vision for the future, and at the same time, reminding the American people why they can't trust Hillary Clinton.  Trump has plenty evidence to share, but he must not fall into that trap of smugness and conceit that seems to pop up a bit too often.  He should not waste even one second of airtime- fill it with one example after another, and leave the viewers petrified at the thought of a President Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of the debate, I will continue to encourage people to vote for Donald Trump.  I will be blogging up until the day of the election, because it really is that important.  We have just experienced two terms of an Administration that maxed out your grandchildren's credit cards, and Hillary Clinton was part and parcel of that Administration.  I hope Trump remembers to mention the twenty trillion dollars of national debt, but with so much to chose from, he might just pass it up.

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