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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The last two weeks and a definite swing in momentum to Trump.

Recently I was stuck in a waiting room for a painful two hours, with only local television to keep me company.  At the moment I am without my television, so I have been spared the majority of the political advertising that must be flooding the airwaves.  If its any consolation to those of you who regularly watch TV, today I was literally tortured with non-stop commercials for Democratic Congressional Candidate Pete Gallegos, a slimey lobbyist-type if ever there was one.  During those two hours, I accomplished the impossible: I learned to dislike both Pete Gallegos and HIllary Clinton even more than I did when I woke up this morning.  For those of you who are old enough to remember, are you aware that the Democrats have resurrected that offensive campaign ad which accuses Republicans of planning to rob Senior Citizens of their Social Security? I received a potent-enough dose of Democratic political advertising to realize that at a local level, they have returned to the politics of fear.  Republicans are going to force old folks to eat dog food and women will lose the right to choose.  The simple truth is, in the last four decades, the GOP has controlled both Houses of Congress numerous times, and occasionally controled to White House to boot.  There has never been an effort to deny Social Security to the elderly, or a Republican-led, organized movement to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment.  The truly sad fact is that people respond to these messages.

Even though my television is still in storage, I do listen to the radio and follow the news with my IPad.  I hear the non-stop chorus annointing Hillary Clinton as President two weeks before the election.  The media feels justified in pushing the idea that Clinton has triumphed because of the regular poll results that they devour on a daily basis.  Last week, another member of Trump's campaign staff resigned, which provided added impetus to the argument that for all practical purposes, the election is over.  In addition, many conservatives have lost hope because of the barrage of news stories regarding electoral fraud.  People realize that the Obama Justice Department has no intention of investigating the federal crime of electoral fraud, and they are left wondering, just how does Trump plan to win against Clinton's money, Hollywood, the national media, and widespread fraud?

Donald Trump will win this election.  You heard it here first, folks.  Has it been that long since Trump demonstrated his appeal by racking up at least fourteen million primary votes?  Trump voters are motivated and the Democrats are not.  Polls don't amount to a hill of beans if folks can't be bothered to vote.  Many Democrats who answer the all-important question with "Hillary Clinton", were Bernie Sanders supporters, and many of Bernie's folks are having real trouble bringing themselves to vote for someone who stole the nomination from their candidate.  There is no doubt that the buses provided by the Clinton Campaign to get Democratic voters to the polling stations are going to be less-than half-full.  Not to mention, we still have two weeks left of Wikileaks email disclosures.  Again, let me stress: Julian Assange is a showman- he will save the best for last.

So please don't get discouraged.  When the non-stop ads start to get you down, find something to watch on cable (not CNN or MSNBC).  Just because Hillary Clinton has decided to spend some money in Texas, don't be fooled into considering that Texas might vote Democrat.  It ain't happenin', folks.  I'm also convinced that on election day, my good friends in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will make sure Donald Trump gets all of Utah's electoral vote.  Evan McMullin tries to convince us that his sole pupose for being in this race is to be the next President.  Excuse the cliche, but I wasn't born yesterday, Mr. McMullin, and neither were the people of Utah.  The singular reason McMullin is in this race is to keep Donald Trump from collecting Utah's electoral votes.  McMullin has been co-opted by DC establishment Republicans, who are petrified that Trump will win and shake lose all the career bureaucrats and entitlement-junkies from the GOP.  If you know any Utah voters, please make sure they understand the real motivations behind McMullin's candidacy.

The next two weeks are going to be full of media distractions.  Expect to see a daily parade of women accusing Trump of innapropriate behavior.  Last Saturday, Trump introduced a contract with the voters of America, which details his positions on major issues and his strategy to achieve his goals.  Instead of covering Trump's announcement, CNN spent the weekend giving airtime to another person making easily-refuted accusations.  The media has no interest in a debate over the issues.  Their only interest is seeing Hillary Clinton in the White House.  Be prepared for the daily personal attacks on Trump and his advisors.  The Democrats understand that its not necessarily the accusations and personal attacks that do so much damage to Trump, its his responses.  From this point on, Trump needs to have a two-front focus.  He must continue talking about jobs, our crippled economy, veterans, terrorism and immigration.  The American people support Trump on those issues.  Trump's second focus needs to be on the latest Hillary Clinton controversy.  Right or wrong, Wikileaks still has some big suprises to inject into this election.  Don't hesitate to stand up for what you believe is right.  Hillary Clinton may already be plotting the continued Socialization of our government, but the (legal) votes still have to be counted.

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