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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The introduction of the American transgender community and the issue of access to public bathrooms reminds me of how absolutely beholden to the extreme and the absurd the left has become.

Most of my life I have had to hear, ad nauseam, about how extreme and unreasonable the conservative voter had become.  According to the media, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party, the Republican Party had become a slave to the religious right and the Moral Majority.  Every four years, the Democrats would drag out the same tired old slogans about Republicans putting homosexuals in jail, outlawing abortion under all circumstances, re-introducing Jim Crow, and forcing old people to eat cat food by taking away their Social Security.  The United States has elected three Republican Presidents during my voting years, including Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes.  Never once was legislation introduced by a Republican President or Congress that called for curtailing Gay rights or closing down bathhouses and bars (in hindsight, closing the bathhouses during the onset of the AIDS crisis would have been a good idea) and the right to have an abortion has never been attacked by a sitting Republican President.  So who are the extremists after all?

The last few years, the LGBT (I'm leaving off the last few letters because I'm not sure if "sexually fluid" has been accepted as part of the identification) community has made tremendous strides in successfully passing legislation to protect Gays in the workplace and in the military.  The problems started when no one seemed to know when the campaigning should stop.  Our culture has had a certain argument forced upon us regarding the definition of a legitimate community.  Certainly Gays and Lesbians constitute a real part of the American family, but what about the "sexually fluid"?  Also, the leather community seems to believe it deserves a separate mention, as does the S&M crowd.  Sadly, Gay Rights organizations have wasted no time in taking up the fight for these groups.  I'm left wondering, why does everything have to be about sex, for goodness sake?  Previously, we had communities based on ethnicities.  Now we are told to respect the neighborliness of  "Jimbo, the Dildo Queen", who just got hired and shares a cubicle with you.  Get ready, because EVERYTHING about these people has to do with sex and how they like to have it.  Thank goodness I don't have that problem.  Sadly, you aren't allowed to have an opinion on any of this, otherwise you are a BIGOT and a Homophobe.  Sound familiar?  Its sorta like the a redux of the "your a RACIST" campaign.

Interestingly enough, the extremists on the left may have picked an argument that they can't win.  Early last year, we were introduced to the subject of the "Transgender" individual.  Former Olympic Triathlete Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he had spent the better part of his life in absolute misery, because he was a woman trapped in a man's body.  Most Americans were somewhat familiar with the phenomenon, but even liberal estimates put the percentage of transgender persons in our society at .03 percent.  Somehow this tiny number, carried like a flag of emancipation by the newly named "Caitlyn" Jenner, became one of the most important subjects in our cultural conversation.  At every opportunity, Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender activists spoke of all the suicides in our schools.  I graduated in a class of over 800, and we had no suicides in our school; neither did my sister and brother who graduated from the same school at different years.  I spent a bit of time asking everyone I came across the same question, regardless of age: "Did you have any suicides in your High School, and do you know if it was because of the transgender issue?"  The discussion never got off the ground, because no one could recall suicidal kids back in the 70s and 80s.  Isn't it interesting that the suicidal kids only pop up when the subject becomes common conversation?  I imagine someone with a bit of common sense might deduce that this was just another way for lonely  kids to get attention.  The issue really took off when the transgender community started demanding that anyone who self-identified as the opposite sex, be given access to the restroom for said opposite sex.  In other words, I could walk into the woman's restroom and watch ladies using the facilities, and the only excuse I need is to say, "I'm a woman inside".  There was an effort to convince the transgender activists that maybe this option should be reserved for individuals who had embraced life as their true sex, so that the person going into the women's restroom, masculine or not, would at least have the appearance of a woman.  As usual, this compromise was ignored.  Now, Target has adopted the policy of allowing persons who claim transgender status to use whatever restroom they like, and some school districts are preparing to make the change as well.  The Federal Government has waded into the debate, the Obama Administration quick to identify this subject as a "Civil Rights" issue.  Did anyone think to suggest the idea of a third, unisex bathroom?  Yes, and again, unacceptable to the LGBT lobby.

Its time to re-introduce common sense into the conversation.  This issue is so absurd, I don't know what else to say.  Was Bruce Jenner somehow injured by using the men's facilities all these years?  A couple additional facts about two of the more famous transgender persons in our society:  Cher's son Chaz, who previously we knew as Cher's daughter Chastity, refuses to complete the surgery and have the penoplasty (the creation of an artificial penis), because she wants to wait until researchers are able to create a penis that "works just like a real one".  We were led to believe that every minute of Chaz's life as a woman was torture, and yet he decides to keep his vagina, the one thing that most identifies him as a genetic woman?  Caitlyn Jenner seems to be having the same problem.  He refuses to have his penis removed because he wants to "continue using it for sex."  Its a bit confusing to me.  So he was suicidal all these years being stuck as a man, and yet he is holding onto the most masculine appendage on his body?  In truth, I'm beginning to think that all this, "I spent my entire life suicidal because I was stuck in the wrong sex", is a bit of the old, "me thinks thou protesteth too much".  Thankfully a number of states have taken then Federal Government to court over this issue.  Its time we returned sanity to our society, before the "Bronies" start asking for special bathrooms.      

Thursday, May 26, 2016

U.S. media ignores voter fraud in Austrian presidential election.

The world has truly become such a small place.  Last week, Austrians voted between an extreme conservative candidate and an extreme liberal candidate in the landlocked euro-zone nation's presidential election.  Austrians vote for President in the same manner as the French.  Anyone who wishes to contest the election and can afford the small entry fees, is welcome to run for president.  If one candidate earns fifty percent or more of the vote, then that person is declared the president.  If no one reaches the fifty percent mark, then the two candidates with the highest number of votes, run against each other in the second round, with the winner being declared president.  Although the Freedom Party candidate had a substantial lead in votes, his total fell beneath fifty percent, which necessitated a second round of voting, between the Freedom Party candidate and the left-wing Green Party representative.  The conservative Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer embarrassed the sitting government and mainstream politicians, by coming in first by such a large margin.  Unfortunately for both Hofer and those of us who support free and fair elections, the result of the second round were far from open and fair.  Aftee the day's voting was complete, conservative Freedom Party candidate Hofer  was ahead of his opponent, Green Party candidate Alexander van der Billen, by less than one percent.  Hofer had won every province in Austria but two; unfortunately for Hofer, one of the provinces he lost included the capital city of Vienna, which has a huge majority of Green party voters amongst its residents.  Before Hofer could celebrate his razor-thin victory, 700,000 postal votes still had to becounted.  Postal votes in Austria are similar to absentee votes in the United States; thry are mailed in early by folks who either will be out of country on election day, or just prefer to avoid the crowds.  Another difference between postal voting in Austria and Absentee Voting in the United States is the ease in which fraud can impact on the postal vote's final tally.  You see, postal votes are collected and processed by the current administration, which placed third in the election and was strongly supporting the Green Party candidate.  Almost immediately discrepencies were observed with the postal vote count.  In four separate polling locations, evidence was discovered which pointed to apparent fraud.  The problem was so obvious that Hofer supporters were incensed and damanded an investigation.  Why?  Because the Green Party candidate managed to outpoll Hofer in postal votes by just enough margin to declare victory, which he quickly did.

Why should we care what happens in Austria?  Because the conservative Freedom Party wasopenly calling for a refugee policy that was in contrast to the declared position of Germany and France.  In fact, Hofer represents what the majority of Austrians, and probably the majority of French and Germans believe.  Hofer points out the frightening reality that the current policy espoused by Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, which has no limitations, qualifications or boundaries, will no doubt greatly increase the number of refugees trying to find a home in Europe.  Back in the day, when a nation fell under the authority of a despot, the people eventually rose up and returned Democracy to their lives.  The American Revolutionary War is a good starting point.  The colonists had no place of retreat to escape the tyranny of England and George II, so they showed tremendous courage and fought against their oppressor.  Many young men died in the conflict, but the sacrifice was not in vain.  Romania provides a good example from a more recent period.  After four decades of eastern-European style Socialism, the people of Romania rose up against the security police, and dictator Nicoli Ceaucescu and his harridan wife were executed by a people's court.  Democracy has returned to Romania.  What we are experiencing in 2016 is quite different, at least in Africa and the Middle East.  It's true that some groups rose up against Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad; but now those who are dissatisfied or have lost their homes, give their life savings to despicable smugglers, in the hope of being granted residency in what they believe are exceedingly wealthy, generous societies in Europe.  The same situation flourishes in the poorest counties in the world, all mostly located in sub-Saharan Africa.  Instead of encouraging people to leave the land of their birth, we should assist them in improving life at home.  Sometimes this assistance comes in the form of military support, which is acceptable.  Tyranny roots itself in deep by creating police states.  Live by the sword, die by the sword, as the old saying goes.

The day after the postal votes in Austria were counted, it was obvious that the Green candidate, van der Billen, who along with the current Austrian government, supports the open policy on refugees that has been established by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was somehow going to overcome Hofer's lead.  It was also apparent that information coming from at least four voting precincts was very questionable.  In one instance, van der Billen received more postal votes than the total number of postal votes that were actually submitted before the election.  In fact, one federal employee admitted to fraud regarding the number of postal votes for the Green candidate.  Sadly, the international press, including CNN, Reuters, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and NPR were quick to point out the liberal Green Party victory in Austria, because it demonstrated that the good Austrian people were not opposed to more refugees.  Breitbart was the only news service in the U.S. who mentioned the irregularities.  This decision by the international press to ignore voter fraud was instrumental in the current government in Vienna's decision to certify the vote and declare van der Billen as President.  I believe this is the first time that the Green Party has won such a high elected position anywhere in the world.  I was very disappointed that the Austrian Freedom Party didn't raise more hell.  Norbert Hofer publicly thanked the voters, and promised that in the next election, these type of shenanigans would not occur, and the Freedom Party would win outright.  I hope the Freedom Party has the opportunity to contest another election.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Iraqi forces surround Fallujah, continue efforts to push ISIS from Anbar Province.

Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have surrounded ISIS elements in Fallujah, taking the northern suburbs and clearing ISIS from the Baghdad area.   ISF have also punished ISIS forces further, retaking territory around Hit and giving some relief to hard-pressed Habaniyah.  Over the past few months, Iraqi forces, aided by elements of the Popular Mobilization Units (Iranian supported Shi'a militia) and air support from coalition forces, have broken the back of ISIS in Anbar Province and central Iraq.  In order to put pressure on the Iraqi government and hopefully encourage the recall of Iraqi troops to the capital, ISIS stepped up suicide bomb attacks against Shi'a targets, inflicting large number of fatalities and injuries.  Shi'a leaders did put pressure on the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, but Abadi has managed to keep control of the government and focus on the efforts to remove ISIS from Iraq altogether.  If the military situation doesn't improve for ISIS, the terrorist organization will have to reconsider its intentions in Iraq.  No doubt Fallujah will fall, and as the ISF continues to retake territory once occupied by ISIS, it will become impossible for ISIS to not only continue suicide and vehicular explosive attacks, but to keep its units supplied and reinforced.

With the encouraging advances the ISF has made in Samarra and Baiji, and the advances made by the Kurds in the north, ISIS will be hard-pressed to regain the initiative on any of the Iraqi fronts.  Mosul is also in the sights of the ISF, with word that except for a small contingent of die-hard operatives, ISIS has basically already abandoned the city.  That remains to be seen, but there can ge no doubt that the ISF appears to be in the last stages of defeating ISIS in Iraq.  This development has already started to impact the political environment in Baghdad.  For some time, Shi'a politicians and religious leaders have been engaging in efforts to discredit and destabilize the Ababi Administration.  No doubt Iran, who continues to interfere in internal Iraqi affairs, has been behind the effort to see Abadi replaced.  The dynamics of this situation can be very confusing to anyone who has not been following Iraqi politics. losels.  When Abadi took office as Iraq's second Shi'a Prime Minister, the Sunni community was convinced that we would act in Iran's interest foremost, and the Sunni community would suffer.  In fact, Abadi has not taken one side over the other.  He has proven to be a true statesman and leader, and he truly deserves tremendous credit for the optimistic military situation.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Enough about me; why YOU need to vote for Donald Trump.

Each time that I decide that I've written enough about Donald Trump, our nefarious media does something which persuades me to write just a bit more.  I knew early on that the media/press in the United States, otherwise known as the Armed Wing of the Democratic Party, was conspiring to assure  that Trump would win the Republican nomination for the office of president.  Why wouldn't they be? The same media worked wonders is persuading an easily confused Republican voting base to nominate first, John McCain in 2008, and second, Mitt Romney in 2012.  It was obvious from the beginning that these two milquetoast candidates would never be able to energize the conservative vote, so mission accomplished: two terms for arguably the worst president we have ever had: Barack Obama.  Once I realized that Trump ws the likely GOP candidate, I realized that the USA-hating, race-baiting, deficit building, entitlement loving Democrats were going to put Hillary in the Oval Office.  I didn't think Trump had a chance in hell of convincing enough independent voters to support his candidacy.  Eventually I made the decision to vote for Trump, because even though he strikes me as a pompous bully, I admit that I agreed with EVERY policy position he announced.  Immigration is a priority for Trump, as is redeeming our reputation internationally.  Lets be honest; all any of us have to do is watch Hillary for a few days; you will come running to Trump.

As for my previous opinion that Trump couldn't win, all it took was a bit of serious analysis to change my mind.  First and foremost is the fact that Trump has won more votes at this stage than either McCain or Romney.  Trump has energized and agitated conservative voters with tremendous success; how?  Because he says what we think, and what the Republican establishment (short of Ted Cruz) has been too balless to fight for.  I will never be comfortable with the manner in which Donald Trump fought his campaign.  He came across as a bully and a misogynist.  In truth, he may be a bit of a pushy blowhard, but I don't believe he is a misogynist.  The fact that the hatchet appears to be sheathed with regards to Ted Cruz, Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina is a great sign.  I also have changed my mind about Trump's chances of winning the election.  Donald Trump will continue to energize conservatives long after our struggles are ancient history, while Hillary has to run with some serious baggage, including the old codger Bernie Sanders, who hasn't campaigned this hard since the Ice Age.  Imagining the hurdles that the GOP have waiting for Hillary is like a walk through time, present events first: Hillary's email server; Benghazi; the rise of the Arab Spring and the terrible New Start treaty with Russia, both under the watch of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; comments in defense of her husband's predatory behavior, blaming "vast, right-wing conspiracies"; her insider tip regarding a stock option that made her a wealthy woman in her own right overnight; and Whitewater, the crooked land deal that Hillary concocted during her time at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock (Bill was Governor at the time).  Believe it or not, I've left out some things, but I think you get the point.  Donald Trump is a master of hitting people where it hurts.  He knocked out one GOP opponent after another by putting them on the defensive.  Sure, the media is gonna hit out on Trump.  You will hear all about Trump University, Bankrupt companies, and countless rumors of infidelity.  Trump will handle these attacks the way he always does....with an immediate counter-attack.  Hillary, once she is finally able to retire that nasty old Marxist Bernie "Booger" Sanders from the race, will get hit immediately with an accusation that must be countered, and she won't be given time to breathe before another scandal shows its familiar face.  All the while, Trump should be assuring the American voter that there is no shame in opposing "Black Lives Matter", and its OK to be angry that the Obama Administration attempted to force a Christian couple who owned a small Bakery to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians.  Our national conversation is not about a twenty trillion dollar deficit or a no-growth economy/no jobs, its about transgender folks and the rights of terrorists.

I'm beginning to believe that the American people need to send a message to DC, New York City, and Los Angeles, that we are taking our country back, and Donald Trump is just the sledgehammer we need to make our point loud and clear.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Learning to like Donald Trump........

I'm sure that I'm not alone when I express my annoyance with persons using the over-blown cliche, "the better of two evils".  Each time I hear a Republican voter announce their decision to support Donald Trump in the inevitable "Donald vs. Hillary" presidential sweepstakes, it invariably includes said cliche.  Annoyance or no annoyance, Trump will be the Republican nominee, and for those of us who are appalled at the mere mention of another Clinton in the Oval Office, it's time to learn to like Trump.  I originally supported Ben Carson, and then, in a last-ditch effort to scuttle the Trump candidacy, I became an outspoken supporter of Ted Cruz.  All of those details mean nothing at this stage.  I made my decision to like Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for President, and I made it fast.

If we were to judge Donald Trump on the issues he claims to support today, we would have no problem with the man.  He supports a vigorous Immigration policy centered on the need for an aggressive deportation policy.  As far as I'm concerned, anyone living in this country illegally should be investigated, and in almost all instances, processed for deportation.  I am sympathetic to kids who were brought to the United States by their parents; sensitive situations of this type should be reviewed by an Immigration Judge and adjudicated appropriately.  Mr. Trump agrees, and promises to create a quick turn-around for illegals crossing from Mexico, so the taxpayer is not obliged to pay room-and-board for these undocumented folks.  Personally, Immigration, next to the national debt, is the most pressing issue the next president will have to face.

Trump promises to throw-out trade agreements and treaties that leave the United States "upside-down" (paying more taxes to sell our goods overseas than the foreigners are paying to sell their junk here).  Many of these terrible trade agreements were accepted because of DC's obsession with pleasing China.  The one cliche I had worse than, "the better of two evils"?  I get a major case of the red-ass when I hear folks say, "we have to be nice to China because of their giant economy".  Give me a break.  A good portion of China's economy is kept afloat by all the unnecessary JUNK they flood into our markets.  I challenge you to look around your homes, and check to see where all the useless or cheap-garbage items were made.  This list of Chinese-made junk includes former President Bill Clinton, who traded missile secrets to China for campaign contributions in the mid-1990s (which was laundered by the crooked Indonesian Riatty family).  That is a story for another day.

Trump also promises to begin enforcing antitrust legislation.  If it happens, it won't be soon enough, and get ready to see an entire flock of Democrat businessmen screaming to the heavens; in other words, music to my ears.  In his campaign appearances, Trump always makes a point to praise our Armed Forces, and expresses the intent to increase military spending, and get the mess at the Veteran's Administration straightened out.  One of the reasons the VA has struggled, alongside IRS, the State Dept., and the Secret Service (to name a few...the list goes on), is because of Obama's attempt to politicize the civil service by appointing unqualified Democrat political activists to important management jobs in the federal government.

I'm also pleased to note that Trump now claims to be socially conservative.  I know he now purports to be pro-life, and I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.  What I need to know (from the Trump campaign), is how a Trump Administration will deal with the current much-debated issue of transgender rights when it comes to using bathrooms in public grade schools to high school, and also in public parks, libraries, museums, etc.  Personally, I'm still angry over the federal authorities efforts to FORCE a public bakery run by Chistians, to make a Wedding Cake for a lesbian couple.  These social issues are tremendously important, because it's slippery-slope which could end up leaving the appearance that the Christian bakery owners actually support the LGBT agenda, which they don't by any stretch of the imagination.

At the end of the day, we could agree with every policy announcement Trump makes.  But in the end, the only thing that matters is if he will follow through with the Agenda that has highlighted his amazing run for the presidency.  All you Republicans and/or Conservatives out there, and Moderates who love Hillary as much as I do, there is no time to waste.  Announce your intention to support Trump, and advise your friends and family to follow your example.