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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Enough about me; why YOU need to vote for Donald Trump.

Each time that I decide that I've written enough about Donald Trump, our nefarious media does something which persuades me to write just a bit more.  I knew early on that the media/press in the United States, otherwise known as the Armed Wing of the Democratic Party, was conspiring to assure  that Trump would win the Republican nomination for the office of president.  Why wouldn't they be? The same media worked wonders is persuading an easily confused Republican voting base to nominate first, John McCain in 2008, and second, Mitt Romney in 2012.  It was obvious from the beginning that these two milquetoast candidates would never be able to energize the conservative vote, so mission accomplished: two terms for arguably the worst president we have ever had: Barack Obama.  Once I realized that Trump ws the likely GOP candidate, I realized that the USA-hating, race-baiting, deficit building, entitlement loving Democrats were going to put Hillary in the Oval Office.  I didn't think Trump had a chance in hell of convincing enough independent voters to support his candidacy.  Eventually I made the decision to vote for Trump, because even though he strikes me as a pompous bully, I admit that I agreed with EVERY policy position he announced.  Immigration is a priority for Trump, as is redeeming our reputation internationally.  Lets be honest; all any of us have to do is watch Hillary for a few days; you will come running to Trump.

As for my previous opinion that Trump couldn't win, all it took was a bit of serious analysis to change my mind.  First and foremost is the fact that Trump has won more votes at this stage than either McCain or Romney.  Trump has energized and agitated conservative voters with tremendous success; how?  Because he says what we think, and what the Republican establishment (short of Ted Cruz) has been too balless to fight for.  I will never be comfortable with the manner in which Donald Trump fought his campaign.  He came across as a bully and a misogynist.  In truth, he may be a bit of a pushy blowhard, but I don't believe he is a misogynist.  The fact that the hatchet appears to be sheathed with regards to Ted Cruz, Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina is a great sign.  I also have changed my mind about Trump's chances of winning the election.  Donald Trump will continue to energize conservatives long after our struggles are ancient history, while Hillary has to run with some serious baggage, including the old codger Bernie Sanders, who hasn't campaigned this hard since the Ice Age.  Imagining the hurdles that the GOP have waiting for Hillary is like a walk through time, present events first: Hillary's email server; Benghazi; the rise of the Arab Spring and the terrible New Start treaty with Russia, both under the watch of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; comments in defense of her husband's predatory behavior, blaming "vast, right-wing conspiracies"; her insider tip regarding a stock option that made her a wealthy woman in her own right overnight; and Whitewater, the crooked land deal that Hillary concocted during her time at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock (Bill was Governor at the time).  Believe it or not, I've left out some things, but I think you get the point.  Donald Trump is a master of hitting people where it hurts.  He knocked out one GOP opponent after another by putting them on the defensive.  Sure, the media is gonna hit out on Trump.  You will hear all about Trump University, Bankrupt companies, and countless rumors of infidelity.  Trump will handle these attacks the way he always does....with an immediate counter-attack.  Hillary, once she is finally able to retire that nasty old Marxist Bernie "Booger" Sanders from the race, will get hit immediately with an accusation that must be countered, and she won't be given time to breathe before another scandal shows its familiar face.  All the while, Trump should be assuring the American voter that there is no shame in opposing "Black Lives Matter", and its OK to be angry that the Obama Administration attempted to force a Christian couple who owned a small Bakery to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians.  Our national conversation is not about a twenty trillion dollar deficit or a no-growth economy/no jobs, its about transgender folks and the rights of terrorists.

I'm beginning to believe that the American people need to send a message to DC, New York City, and Los Angeles, that we are taking our country back, and Donald Trump is just the sledgehammer we need to make our point loud and clear.

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