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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Donald Trump reminds America what to expect from a Clinton Presidency.

Donald Trump did exactly what was needed Wednesday night, to remind the American people why this election is so vital for the future of our nation.  He was clear, concise and focused in detailing the history of corruption and influence peddling that has become business-as-usual for Hillary Clinton.  Trump also stuck to his message of job creation, tax reform, and fulfilling obligations to our Veterans.    When Hillary starts winding up her fantastical message of free everything and government control, you could almost hear thousands and thousands of households across the nation falling asleep.  She is such an inveterate politician, that she can't help herself from delivering the same-style presentation that we've been hearing from her and other liberal politicians for years.  Everything will be free, including solar panels for every home, and the evil rich folks are going to pay for it (yawn).  Donald Trump understands that the American people aren't stupid.  They realize that the business community must be allowed to keep more of its money in order to expand and hire more workers.  He also sticks to the vital message of re-negotiating trade agreements.  Trump made me particularly proud when he bluntly reminded Hillary Clinton of the irony of her campaign- she has all the ideas to fix the problems that she helped create!

I was pleased that Trump had the opportunity to drop the responsibility for the false personal attacks on his character at the feet of the person ultimately responsible: Hillary Clinton.  Thank goodness the final debate was moderated by the balanced, fair-minded professional journalist Chris Wallace.  Not once during the previous two debates did the moderator include use of the word "corruption" when addressing a question to Hillary Clinton, even though its obvious that this is a big concern for the American people.  I'm convinced that Donald Trump can win this election, and help us avoid the nightmare of four Clinton Supreme Court selections.  The Clinton Campaign is on its heels, dealing with news stories about electoral fraud and secret arrangements with Obama's Justice Department.  Be prepared- the personal attacks will continue.  But Clinton has to be shaking in her pantsuits that Obama was unable to shut down Wikileaks.  Something is coming, folks, and I'm expecting it to be a game changer.

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