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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How does Obama manage to keep a fifty-two percent positive poll rsting amongst the American people?

Lately my viewer numbers have been a bit astonishing, especially since I occasionally disappear for weeks at a time.  Today I would like to challenge those of you who take the time to read my blog on a regular basis.  One of the few subjects which can cause me to develop a very quick case of the Guadalupe River Red-Ass, is the confusing issue of polls.  Every news channel has a polling staff, and they usually team up with an established private pollster, for example, NBC teams up with the Wall Street Journal and ABC news works with the Washington Post.  Poll results can be confusing and often misleading.  I have noticed that pollsters directly connected to media sources have a tendency to "lead the respondent" with carefully constructed questions.  Most of us like to announce within our own group of friends and family that we "never pay attention to polls", when in fact, we use them all the time to back up our own arguments.  I studied polling methods as part of a Statistical Methods and Procedures course I took in college just before I got on the Mayflower and made my way over to the New World.  Polling hasn't changed much, and can be as confusing as always.  In 2012, all the major pollsters reported that Mitt Romney had a solid lead on Hillary Clinton; so much for that poll.  Don't misunderstand- I am not advising you to ignore all the polls that will continue filling up the print media as we approach November.  What I will advise you to do is focus more on the simple polls, for example the very recent Wall Sreet Journal/NBC poll that informed the world that Barrack Obama's job performance was approved by Americans at a fifty-two to forty-eight percent clip.  In other words, six months before he leaves office, President Obama has a favorable approval rating.  You can take all my experience, common sense (?), and college learning, and pile them up to the sky; it won't make any difference.  I just don't understand how fifty-two percent of Americans believe Obama has done a good job.  How is this possible?

I believe with complete confidence that Barack Obama is the worst president the United States has ever been obliged to endure (and two terms, no less!).  I don't need to dig into any detailed argument, with statistics, witnesses and a long boring slide show.  Obama has been a horrible president because he has been honest to his convictions.  While most of America still identifies as Chistian, I believe Obama worships at the feet of modern-day European Socialism.  American Exceptionalism, the key to building the greatest nation in the history of our planet, is derided by Obama.  You may remember that Obama was a regular attendee at the Chicago Church of deranged, hate-filled preacher Jeremiah Wright.  After the mainstream media finally decided to expose Wright and his racist preaching, The Obamas announced that their attendance was bascially just part of neighborhood tradition and solidarity, and that he denounced the hateful rhetoric that Wright preached every weekend.  Herein lies the problem.  The Obamas were married by Wright, he baptised the two daughters, and Obama credited Wright with the inspiration for the name of his book, "The Audacity of Hope".  As Obama tried to move away from Wright, the good Reverend got pissed off!  The entire episode left a bad taste, and was basically just a harbinger of what was to come.  Once the cameras started to roll, Obama presented himself as a particular kind of man; but so many questions were left unanswered.  When Obama returned home from his Middle-Eastern and European "Apology Tour", it became obvious that President Barack Obama has some serious issues with the United States of America, and our history.  I was disgusted by the Apology Tour, as I know enough of history to be aware that NONE of those communities deserved or required an apology from the United States.  This nation has been feeding most of the world at one time or another since World War II.  Other countries on the other side of the planet screw up their own situation, allowing despots and dictators to take over, and the blood of young American soldiers washed the way to new opportunities at freedom and Democracy.  The only kind of American who would apologize for the actions of his country is a man who is ashamed of his country.

Let me try and keep this list to a minimum.  Presidnt Obama ordered the Pentagon to pull our troops out of Iraq ahead of schedule.  That schedule included large-scale, intensive training of the Iraqi military.  No doubt ISIS sitting back in Syria watched as the U.S. troop-carrying C130s headed from Baghdad to Germany.  As soon as the coast was clear, ISIS was back in Iraq, with an untrained, frightened, ill-preprared Iraqi military to stand in their way.  The Iraqi Army deserted the battlefield outside Tikrit before a shot was fired, and ISIS picked up the booty of at least one billion dollars worth of U.S. military equipment abandoned by the Iraqis.  What else makes my list?  Obamacare is up near the top, but I don't think an explanation is required.  I also disagreed with traditional marriage being morphed into something unrecognizable to millions of Americans, like my parents, who thought that they were entering into a pact that was not subject to amendments.  We are currently stuck in the latest "state versus feds" debate, with the Obama Administration bound and determined to make unisex-only public bathrooms mandatory in the United States.  The continued existence of ISIS also pisses me off just a tad.  President Obama has the authority and the U.S. military has the capability of destroying ISIS in a matter of days, for all practical purposes.  For half a decade we have known WHERE the enemy is, and HOW the enemy resupplies and reinforces itself.  But Barack Obama refuses to commit the U.S. military in any way, form or manner that could be considered "large-scale".  Instead, ISIS lives, and continues to seed our cities with operatives who will one day stand up to be counted.  How is this possible?  Have you taken a look at our immigration system lately?  Obama manipulates figures to try and convince the average American that we are still deporting folks.  If you want the truth just as a Customs or Immigration officer.  As I type this blog post, Obama continues a fast-track policy of bring in Syrian refugees with little or no investigation.  And lets not forget the abuse of our system of Checks and Balances.  Obama has set a precedent: if you are President and you don't want to wrestle with Congress, just use Executive Action. I'm still not exactly sure how we went from three-to-five trillion in debt to twenty trillion in only eight years.  And all he wants is to bring in more people for us to feed, and to replentish the coffers of one wasteful entitlement program after another with taxpayer dollars.  The money poured down the toilet by this Administration on "new energy" research alone is astounding.

So- if I'm correct, and President Barack Obama has done a pretty awful job, then why, six months before he leaves office, does he have a fifty-two percent approval rating?  Are we still stuck in the place that makes us believe any criticism of an African American President is racist?  To be honest, I think many folks are of the mind to not criticize our first black President.  We have a difficult past during which for many years human beings were treated worse than farm animals, and its a part of our history that we cannot ever allow to be forgotten.  But what we have attempted to create with the experiment that is the United States, is a nation where all men and women are created equal.  We are judged equally, we are rewarded equally, and hopefully we dispense charity equally.  At least, that was the goal, wasn't it?

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