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Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's not too early for the GOP to issue marching orders to the rank-and-file.

This morning when I turned on my computer I was confronted by more "random" political articles that usual.  Like millions and millions of Americans, I chose the simple Google search prompt as my homepage.  Since political season is upon us, any use of the Google search option will result in numerous "politically nuanced" articles that have little relation to my search.  Google believes that it is doing a service by helping to educate whoever is using their search tool.  Of course, every article, blog or commentary manages to approach even the most mundane of subjects from the Left.  I'm a huge baseball fan.  My Houston Astros have finally started playing good ball, so this morning I went looking for some simple baseball commentary regarding the approach of the All-Star break.  What did Google offer?  Links to garbage like "Deadspin", which has a particularly disgusting and adolescent attack on Donald Trump as a young man interested in baseball.  Other links were also provided, including an article from USA Today which basically identifies Trump as a common criminal.  This leaves me in an inconvenient position.  I truly enjoy the convenience of Google and Gmail, but I really don't enjoy observing Google's undisguised effort to deliver political pop-shots at the Republican candidate.  Don't fool yourself into believing that this effort is singularly focused on the Trump candidacy.  Google and Facebook were up to similar activities in 2008 and 2012.  The irony here is as thick as maple syrup.  The press and media have been thrilled with the Republican selections in each of the past three elections (including 2016).  They lay off the candidate that they hope becomes the GOP standard barrier until the primary season is concluded.  Then the media unloads all the garbage it has been collecting.  They are convinced that Donald Trump will provide the least amount of competition to a Clinton candidacy, but they are mistaken.

Much of the media in the United States continues to claim no political bias.  A simple review of newspapers, magazines and entertainment outlets should clear up any questions on that front.  During the entire GOP primary, the only criticism of Donald Trump came from his opponents.  The media presented Trump's rude and occasionally offensive comments as nothing more than political theater.  If you recall, it was in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where Trump first made disparaging comments about Carly Fiorina's appearance.  Any real criticism of Trump's comments by the mainstream media might have reflected negatively on the comatose Rolling Stone, so with the exception of Fox News (and Megan Kelly), any mention of Trump's comments were snickered about off-camera on the sets of MSNBC, CNN, and NBC.  The season of "laissez-faire" for Donald Trump has come to a screeching halt.  The media is utilizing every possible resource to disseminate accusations regarding Trump, most of which are absolute garbage.  All this, and not a word about Hillary Clinton.  If it weren't so harmful it would be humorous.  Every week another development regarding Hillary's private server and classified emails hits the campaign, but you won't hear about it unless you watch Fox.  The biggest tragedy has been the collapse of the Bernie Sanders campaign.  Of all the things you can say about Bernie and his worship of Eastern-Bloc Socialism, at least he had the nerve to discuss Hillary's record.  Bernie, who has been pushing leftist legislation in Congress for decades, always likes to ask Hillary why she didn't put forward all of her great ideas when she was spending twelve years as a Senator and four years as Secretary of State.   I am always amazed how entrenched, long-term politicians only discover all the answers to our problems when they decide to run for president.  I for one am glad to see Hillary proposing solutions for invigorating our comatose economy and creating jobs, because she is responsible for the mess as it is today.  You can't run away from your close association with Obama, Hillary.  His fifty-one percent approval rating won't hang around forever, and then you get to explain just what a success eight years of Obama has been to our nation.

The 2016 presidential election will include a monumental effort by the left to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to keep the White House.  Now that John Roberts has been unmasked as a conservative fraud who always seems to be voting with the left, this election has become even more pivotal, as we try and keep our nation from being steered right off the cliff by leftist judges who never met a transgender sexually-fluid (look it up!) nutcase that they didn't embrace.  We might lose this election, but it won't be because of Donald Trump's candidacy.  This election could very well turn on the same issues that decided 2008 and 2012.  Democrats have become very, very good at registering people to vote and getting them to the polls on election day.  Make no mistake; this is the party of Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama only borrowed it in between rounds of golf and signing Executive Orders.  Hillary is a dedicated believer in the old clich√© that "the ends justifies the means".  For the first time in a century, 2012 witnessed serious episodes of fraud on election night.  Not surprisingly, the FBI was not ordered to investigate.  Will we again see instances of intimidation and fraud at polling precincts?  No doubt.  But its highly unlikely to impact the final count.  If Republicans want to win this election, then it is time to embrace Donald Trump.  If you aren't willing to fight for Trump against Hillary Clinton, you might as well start wearing a Hillary Clinton for President T-Shirt.  I realize that folks are sensitive to some of Trump's comments and behavior during the primary campaign, but let's face it, Trump is not a seasoned candidate.  It was obvious from the beginning that Trump's clear and honest approach to the issues, and the simple language with which he communicated, resonated with the voters.  I believe that some of Trump's advisors may have pushed this strategy a bit too far, and Trump came off looking like a bully.  Take a good look at Donald Trump today.  He is still prepared to call Hillary Clinton a liar (she is a liar), but in the same speech he is taking the time to break down his policies regarding immigration, taxes, trade and the environment.  Trump is putting together a team that will make this election about the issues.  Those of you on the right who are struggling with voting for Trump, please return your perspective to THE ISSUES.  Hillary Clinton has been obliged to embrace the far-left in her party.  She has been canoodling with Elizabeth Warren again, for goodness sake.  We must have a conservative in the White House to chose Supreme Court Justices who are determined to interpret the law, not write it.  Don't let the media influence your opinions or your choices.  I did not begin this campaign season as a supporter of Donald Trump, but I am now.  I can think of nothing more important to share with your grandchildren one day than to say, "I helped defeat Hillary Clinton".   

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