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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why I chose to support Donald Trump as opposed to Hillary Clinton.

Are you happy with the state of affairs in this country?  Are you content with the rate of job creation and the percentage of annual economic growth?  What about other domestic issues?  Are race relations improving?  Let's take a wider view.  Do you feel safe?  Would you hesitate to fly overseas? Do you believe that other nations respect us?  If giving consideration to these or similar questions gives you pause, then, like most Americans, you are not happy with the state of our Union.  How will this impact the 2016 presidential election in the United States?  It's simple to remark that Barack Obama is not running this year, so we have no opportunity to express our displeasure regarding the economy, employment, foreign affairs and the national debt.  A review of Hillary Clinton's political disposition since resigning as Secretary of State in 2012 makes it abundantly clear that Clinton has continued to strongly support the policies of Barack Obama.  During the next four months, a great deal of information regarding the crippled state of our economy will become headline news, and, God forbid, if we suffer additional domestic terrorist attacks, the health of our nation and the security our government is struggling to provide, will become the most imortant issue in this campaign.  Hillary Clinton will be unable to run-away from the mess in Washington DC, because she IS Washington DC.  Clinton is as much a political creation as any politician we have ever experienced.  Who hasn't known, since 1998 when Bill Clinton left office, that nothing would stop Hillary from one day running for president herself?  Lets keep the honesty flowing, folks- who hasn't aslways suspected that Hillary sees herself as the real superstar in that family?  As for her campaign for president in 2016, Hillary will be unable to runaway from the mess that the Obama Administration has created.  In one way or another, she has always been a part of Obama's team, even after leaving her job as Secretary of State.

I decided to embrace the Trump candidacy for two reasons.  Initially, I chose to support Donald Trump for president after Ted Cruz had suspended his campaign.  Cruz leaving the race made it apparent that Trump was going to storm into Cleveland with something of a mandate from GOP primary voters.  I was able to transition my support to Trump without much difficulty because aside from his penchant for name-calling and a few episodes of embarrassing comments about women, I agree with the policy positions Donald Trump had adopted.  Immigration is a huge issue for me, as is the economy and our criminal national debt.  Like Trump, I am convinced that the United States Armed Forces has always had the capacity to destroy ISIS without the involvement of great numbers of ground troops.  Like Trump, I am disgusted with the obsene politization of the federal government.  The Obama Administration has yet to miss an opportunity to fill a high-level government position with a less-than qualified political appointee.  This is where all the stone-wallers who derail Congressional investigations come from.  The second reason I was able to support Trump was a simple reminder to myself of what the alternative promised to deliver.  We all know that the Obama Administration's corrupt Justice Department will not indict Hillary for her use of a secret, non-secure server with which to conduct classified business.  Take it from me, folks.  I lived and worked in that environment.  If this were anyone else but Hillary Rodham from the Rose Law Firm, we would have seen an indictment long ago.

Last week I listened to Hillary promise to fix all our nation's economic problems.  After eight years of a Democrat in the White House, it seems clear to me that whatever problems Hillary wants to fix, have been created by Hillary and her fellow Democrats.  More importantly, if Hillary has a shopping cart full of solutions to all our problems, then why haven't we seen them before campaign season, 2016?  Hillary was a two-term Senator from her home state of New York, and also Secretary of State for almost four years.  Why didn't she share all these great ideas then?  The questions that need to be asked of candidate Clinton must be addressed by us, the American people, because the media and the press have lined up against Trump with no bias concerns, and you can assume that they will give Clinton a free ride.  CNN, the AP, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, HuffPo, thr NY Times. the Washington Post and whatever makes up the international press have no shame in printing campaign material for Clinton and passing it off as legitimate journalism.

The odds certainly do not appear to be in our favor, but they are.  Millions of Americans are fed-up with Michelle Obama's food police, the morality squad that attempts to force Christians to act against their religious convictions when they decide with whom they want to do business, an activist Justice Department, and a Department of Homeland Security that is no longer deporting foreign national felons.  What they would really like to do is yell at someone in DC.  They can't, but Trump can, and will!  The people like Trump because he is reminding us that political correctness need not be a permanent condition.  What we have to do is make those Cruz, Bush, and Rubio supporters understand that they need to focus their frustration on Hillary, and vote for Donald Trump in November.

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