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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Media wastes little time in going to battle for Hillary Clinton.

Recently a Democrat friend complained about the media focusing on Hillary Clinton's email server mess.  Not surprisingly, when I asked him to produce negative reporting regarding Hillary, he was only able to offer reporting from Fox News.  It seems that Democrats have come to the conclusion that Fox News is the only source that matters.  As a point of curiosity more than anything else, I still visit CNN and occasionally ABC, CBS, and NBC.  I rarely hear any mention of Hillary's email server on any news station other than Fox News.  During the GOP and Democratic primary season, for the most part the media focused on congratulating the Democrats for the Bernie Sanders phenomenom, and trashing Ted Cruz.  I was a bit surprised that the media stayed away from Trump during the primaries and debates, until I realized the intention.  I kept waiting for CNN and NBC to dig into the Trump University scandal and various other stories.  I should have been patient.  The media had every intention of dumping all the scandals, bankruptcies and dirty laundry on the Trump campaign, but not until Trump had comfortably won the Republican nomination.  Is it any surprise that since Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, it has been one negative story after another on Trump?  In fact, I don't think an hour goes by without one of the major media outlets reminding Americans that Donald Trump is a racist, a bigot, and a crook.

The real irony is that In his personal life, Trump doesn't appear to be any of these three negative characterizations.  Trump has been an outspoken supporter of Visa worker programs that target specifically skilled individuals, and he has actually called for an increase in legal immigration.  Regarding the accusation of bigotry (or misogyny, which is the term I previously used to describe Trump), a review of Trump's hiring history over the years indicates that he aggressively recruits and hires qualified women at a rate greater than the US government.  As for my earlier issues with Donald Trump, I was really focused on his comments regarding Carly Fiorina and Fox News presenter Megan Kelly.  In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Trump opined that Fiorina was too ugly to be president.  He also inferred that Megan Kelly targeted him unfairly because she was dealing with her "monthly female issue" (my quotes).  Trump claims that the Fiorina comment was in jest, but he has yet to adequately account for his hypothesis rebarding Kelly.  The truth is, Trump is an uncouth man.  He lives in a world of very aggressive business practices, and he has yet to learn the importance of discretion and respect for one's political opponents.  I think it is reasonable to assume that he is trying to adjust to a learning curve, given that he has apologized and made peace with both Fiorina and Kelly.  Don't think for one second, though, that you've heard the last of these two scandals.  The media is determined to follow a daily template to make Trump look like a bigot and a racist.  The media originally avoided dumping on Trump in the primaries because they had determined that he was the Republican which would cause Hillary Clinton the least amount of difficulty in a national election.  So the media focused on stories abiut Trump"s primary opponents.  Now that the media has succeeded in picking the Republican candidate (for the third
consecutive cycle), the time has come to go after Trump with guns blazing.  Be prepared, Trump suppprters; some of the garbage that will be disseminated by the likes of MSNBC and ABC will be ignore.

Fortunately, the Democratic establishment did Trump suppprters a favor by smoothing the way for Hillary to get the Dem nomination.  Unlike most politically active people in DC, Trump has no fear of the Clinton machine, and certainly no respect for Hillary.  Buckle up, folks- this election is going to get nasty.

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