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Monday, September 1, 2014

Release of "Mukhabarat, Baby".....

One of the reasons I decided to enter the world of blogging was to introduce my soon-to-be-released book of the same title to persons who share a common interest in Intelligence Collection.  The book, which is a non-fiction collection of vignettes and anecdotes from my career working in areas of conflict, is essentially complete; but the process of getting a book from the keyboard to the bookshelf takes a bit of time.  It's true that the market has seen its share of Intelligence Community memoirs as of late, but with "Mukhabarat, Baby" I promise you something different. My goal is to personally draw the audience into every briefing and every meeting.  I want the reader to taste the anxiety and tension in the air as the officer completes his mission.  The foundation of my book is in the characters and personalties that I introduce; real people who make up this organization which by its very nature, will never receive due credit for its accomplishments.  The same can be said for its employees.
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