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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Southern Border, Redux.

Link: Feds On Alert for Domestic Terrorists

Underage Cartel Member Wanted in Texas

Illegal Aliens Deported for Sex Crimes are Back.

Monday evening I commented on the southern land border and growing concerns regarding enforcement.  In its simplest form, a national border is intended to demarcate one sovereign country from its neighbor.  In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that no individual without proper documentation enters the United States of America.  Simplifying the issue really brings it home, and demonstrates how much trouble we are in.  Political groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), believe that no persons of Latin heritage should be denied entry into the United States.  At times they have justified their beliefs with the argument that the United States illegally took the southwest part of the country (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed 2 February 1848) in a planned "war of aggression".  Since we seem to be allowing Mexican nationals to live in the United States without documentation, could we ask LULAC to return the 15 million dollars the United States paid Mexico (which ultimately resulted in the end to the military occupation of Mexico City, and the annexation of parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California)?  Forgive me, I've gotten off track.  The reality is, we are unable to control our southern border.  This is in no way a reflection of the Border Patrol.  My goodness, my heart goes out to those men and women, who put their lives on the line, sweating in the hot desert, tracking down all manner of people, only to see the system release the aliens onto the streets "with a piece of paper" telling them to return for a hearing (see my post, dated 15 September for an explanation of a "Notice to Appear").  The Border Patrol rank and file are the most efficient, hard-working, loyal, put-upon members of the United States Federal Law Enforcement.  But the authority to do the job has been taken away.

The simple contagion that has us in a mess is easy to describe.  When the Obama Administration telegraphs its unwillingness to conduct immigration apprehensions and deportations, then people in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico pack their bags.  In fact, a few months back President Obama made it clear that the United States was "no longer in the business of deporting children."  Its not rocket science, folks, although I think maybe to some in this administration, it is.  Not only is the normal flow of traffic attempting illegal entry dramatically increased, now we have parents paying smugglers their life savings to get their children across the river into Los Estados Unidos.  And don't fool yourself.  Everyone understands our system and realizes that sooner or later any child that is allowed to stay will be allowed to petition for his/her parents.  Why is this administration so intent on loosening enforcement on the southern border?  For two simple reasons.  First, the Democrats hope that their actions motivate Hispanic U.S. citizens to go to the polls and vote Democrat (which they do, by upwards of 75-80 percent).  Second, and more disturbing, is the idea that one day Hispanic undocumented aliens who are allowed to stay, will one day become citizens (now where is that Amnesty Bill I need to sign with Executive Authority?), remember who made everything possible, and also vote Democrat.  Is there any other reason why, after 6 years, this issue must be resolved NOW.  The truth is, the Republicans, who normally can't seem to find their elbow from their rectum when it comes to immigration, put together a very reasonable Immigration Reform Bill.  it passed in the House of Representatives, but the Democrats in the Senate, with Majority Leader Harry Reid behind the gavel, refuse to let the Bill be debated and voted on.  In fact, in the last few years the Senate has become a rump legislative body, as Harry Reid is loath to let ANY legislation come to the floor that might hurt some Democratic Senator's re-election.  So we have a Democratically-controlled Senate that will not allow an Immigration Bill to be debated (after it has passed the House of Representatives), and a Democratic President who says he must use Executive Authority because Congress won't pass Immigration Reform!  It is utterly amazing how much disdain our elected leaders have for us.

I provided the three links above to demonstrate the real threat that does exist from having no southern border enforcement.  Terror comes in many shapes and sizes, and let me tell you, ISIS has nothing on the narco-traffickers in Mexico, who have a bad habit of throwing bags of severed heads into wedding ceremonies. Having worked against both the typical Islamic fundamentalist terrorist and also against the major narco-trafficking gangs like the Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels, I have to say I think the Cartels are even more psychopathic.  ISIS is basically a bunch of young men hyped -up on religious fervor; the Cartel soldier is a young man usually hyped up on Cocaine.  Having a southern border that is anything but secure is inexcusable with thugs like this within spitting distance.  The Border Patrol and local Law Enforcement do everything they can, but the problem has reached a national crisis.  Do we need to militarize the southern border?  Absolutely, and the sooner the better.  I have no problem sending the national guard, but they had better be given the authority to carry a weapon (that has been an issue in the past, believe it or not).  If we make it to 2016 without a complete breakdown of the border, I pray that we elect leaders who will push aside these "I hate America" groups like LULAC (c'mon, quit pretending that you love the US of A, we know better) and la Raza Unida (the United Race), and treat the border like the war zone that it has become.  We must protect our children from the infiltration of gangs and narco-traffickers, who are always on the lookout for new young victims/customers.  We must also not forget that the terrorist is always looking for a weakness to exploit.

Another point that is particularly important to me, is the need to protect the rule of law.  We are a nation of laws, and citizens of the United States are not allowed to pick and choose which laws to obey.  If you don't like a certain law, write your congressman, start a political action organization, and work to change it.  That is how our system is designed, and guess what, works, when utilized properly.  The idea that a foreign national, whose entire presence in this country is based on "breaking our laws", should have any part to play in our immigration debate really pisses me off.  I'm sorry that Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala are such hell holes that people feel the need to sneak into another country.  The United States bears no responsibility for the state of affairs in any of these nations.  Don't give me any of that revisionist crap about Chiquita and Dole running slave labor camps and CIA coups keeping the people poor.  Mexico is one of the richest countries in the world, with access to oil and the agricultural capacity to feed the whole continent.  Five percent of Mexicans benefit from the fruits of the land, the rest try and survive from day to day.  Its the same story in Central America.  The United States of America has an invaluable gift to give, the gift of being an example.  Revolt as we did in 1776, throw out those crooked bastards, and fix your country! The United States cannot continue to subsidize Latin America (with the occasional amnesty for good measure).  The weight will sink us both.  The time is right for heroes.  Es el momento adecuado para los heroes.  Be one.

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