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Monday, November 17, 2014

What is wrong with our President?

Link: A. Obama Refers To Peter Kassig as "Abdul Rahman"

Today the Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL) released information and evidence that confirmed the murder of American hostage and former soldier Peter Kassig.  After serving his time in the military, Kassig dedicated his life to helping victims of war.  He was a wonderful man who was only happy when he was helping other people.
It's true that Kassig showed an interest in Islam, and one year he even observed Ramadan in an effort to better understand the religion.  I have also observed Ramadan a few times, and read the Quran enough times to have a very basic understanding of its contents.  Believe me, I am NOT a Muslim, but if my life were at risk I would do whatever I could to survive.  Life is God's greatest gift, and He expects me to use all of my skills (manipulation and deception included) to STAY ALIVE.  Like Peter Kassig, I have a healthy interest in religion in general.  And if I were taken hostage, I would have no problem becoming Oumar all-American in order to survive.  Then, if the bad guys killed me anyway, I can only pray that the administration would have the common sense to recognize my desperation and not reward the enemy with one last insult to my memory by addressing me by a name taken under duress.

President Obama issued a statement today in response to the murder by ISIL of Peter Kassig.  During the statement, Obama referred to Kassig as "Abdul Rahman".  I don't need to express much indignation: if you are reading this and you find nothing wrong with this detail, then respectfully I have no interest in you ever reading my blog again.  Abdul Rahman is a name which is overly used in the extremist and radical community.  The idea that the President of the United States would use the name "Abdul Rahman" to identify Peter Kassig is an outrage.  We have no idea if Kassig voluntarily took this name, and until we get such validation, then the President should have referred to Kassig by his birth name.

I have to shut this post down early because my level of anger is likely to result in a commentary that I will regret.  I don't want to insult anyone, but what President Obama did was insult an American hero even in the moment of his greatest sacrifice.
Note to the President:

Your name may be Barrack Hussein Obama, but that does not give you the insight nor the authority to assume that Peter Kassig voluntarily chose the name Abdul Rahman after his alleged conversion.  It is common for rescued hostages to later admit to Islamic conversion and the adoption of Islamic names only as a means of survival.  As President of the United States, you should have given the benefit of the doubt to his personal history and heritage and referred to him as Peter Kassig and only as Peter Kassig.  By referring to Kassig as "Abdul Rahman", you are engaging in the murder of his American heritage and identification, alongside the crime committed by ISIL.  Why do you have so much contempt for my country and my heritage?

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