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Friday, April 21, 2017

Guest blogger: Zach, an eleven year-old from Georgia, considers the issue of transgender people and public restrooms.

Occasionally I am fortunate enough to have a guest blogger provide commentary on one of the issues that we Americans face in 2017.  Today my guest blogger is Zach S., from Maysville, Georgia, and he is eleven years old.  He chose the topic, and with the exception of a bit of editing from your truly, the post is his creation and his alone.  I thought the choice of topics was timely and appropriate, given that we don't hear much on this issue from the young folks who will be directly impacted by the end result.

Hi, I'm Zach and I would like to talk about the Transgender Movement.  What is Transgenderism?  According to Wikipedia, Transgenderism occurs when people have a gender expression that differs from their assigned sex.  In New York City, they have accepted twenty-nine genders, excluding male and female, though they remain options.  According to one survey that I read, fifty-nine percent of people believe that transgender individuals should use their birth-gender bathrooms.  Most people seem to think that it would be awkward to share the bathroom with a transgender person, but some people argue that it should be the choice of the transgendered person and not open for debate.  The forty-one percent who believe in transgender choice with regards to bathrooms are working super-hard in an effort to get more acceptance for transgender individuals.

My thoughts on transgender individuals are that they should use the bathroom of their birth gender and not be allowed to chose what they want.  In the study of Biology, its clear that gender is not a choice to be made at birth or afterwards; its something you are born into.  I think its absurd how many genders there are, according to some in society.  We started out with two, and now we have sixty-three???  I also feel that you can chose your religion because that's a choice, but not gender because that's biological.  How are people supposed to reproduce?  Eventually Humanity will die out because of the lack of people choosing to remain in their true, biological gender.  However, there are better ways to express both feelings.

In closing, we should keep in mind that transgender individuals are still people and therefore we should treat them equally.  Some people will argue that not letting them pick their bathroom is not treating them equally.  However, my solution would be in the creation of a third-bathroom option.  This will allow for transgender persons to have equal rights without having to be in either male or female bathrooms.  Finally, while I don't think transgender people should be able to have their choice of bathrooms, I do believe that they should be treated with respect.  

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