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Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm ready to serve, President-Elect Trump.

When I was obliged to medically retire from the CIA in 2010, I was convinced that eventually my health would improve to the point of allowing me to return to work.  I could not imagine permanently retiring at forty-four years of age, so I focused on obsessively following the instructions of my physicians and therapists.  The toxins which invaded my body did a number on my central nervous system, and I will never recover sensation in my legs, feet, or hands, but my mobility has improved, and I have learned to deal with the chronic pain that is a symptom of toxic neuropathy.  I can't say enough for the CIA Office of Medical Services and the Human Resources professionals who made every effort to simplify the transition to medical disability.  When I was an active member of the Case Officer cadre, I knew in the back of my mind that in the event of a catastrophic injury, the Agency would take care of me.  I will always remember with gratitude the officers who helped me through the complications that were unavoidable given the uniqueness of my case.  It was always my intention, though, to regain my health and rejoin my colleagues in the struggle against those who wish to do us harm.

I created this blog in order to introduce my memoir to the millions of persons on the internet who are interested in espionage and intelligence collection.  Once the book was published and the publicity tour was complete, I began to write less and less about my career, and more about current hot spots and the important role intelligence plays in everything from diplomacy to support for the military. When the 2016 election campaign began in earnest, I found myself commenting regularly on the candidates and foreign policy.  I had no qualms expressing my support for the Republican nominee Donald Trump, even though he was not my initial choice.  As the campaign heated up, I found myself utilizing my blog to correct the frustrating misconceptions, distractions and outright lies that littered the mainstream media reporting.  I'm proud of the record my blog represents, and I stand by my writing.

Until mid-November, I had never contemplated working in a Trump Administration.  Like many Americans, my entire focus was doing my part to ensure a Trump victory, but once the air had cleared a bit, and the media started reporting on the Trump Transition Team, it didn't take long for me to decide where to direct my efforts as I re-enter the work force.  I have confidence in my life and work experience, and the positive reputation I have earned.  I believe in President-Elect Trump and his plans for the future of our international relationships and obligations.  His cabinet choices to date only re-enforce my confidence in his ability to surround himself with the best and the brightest our nation has to offer. During the campaign, I did my best promote the Trump vision through my blog, and detail just how unavoidable successful will be once the nation has been pointed in the right direction.  I submitted an online application and my resume to the Trump Transition Team, and truly hope I am given the opportunity to join the effort to rebuild and reorient our nation, with Donald Trump at the helm.


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