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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A few important and fair issues to consider before voting for Hillary Clinton.

(I realize that today's blog entry is addressed to person's who may choose to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8.  I also acknowledge that the great majority of people who read this blog have no intention of voting for Clinton.  These facts may lead you to consider, "what's the point?"  The national conversation currently taking place in the United States isn't meant to be limited to just the necessary amount of bad press to convince folks to vote one way or another.  Even after you believe you have made up your mind, its important to let the educational process comtinue.  Learn all you can about both candidates.  It can only add to your conviction.)

We have less than sixty-three days remaining before United States citizens go to the polls to decide who follows Barack Obama into the Oval Office.  There is no doubt that the American people would like a campaign based on the economy, foreign policy, and the national debt, just to name a few important issues.  But at the end of the day, the discussion always seems to devolve into negative reporting and personal attacks.  Last week, Republican Donald Trump announced an effort to reach out to Black and Hispanic Americans, two voting groups that seem determined to vote Democrat until the end of time.  Trump spoke of the rising unemployment in minority communities and the lack of quality schools.  He didn't shy away from the subject of gun violence, and the unacceptably high number of young Black and Hispanic men who sit in jail, when they should be sitting in a College Classroom.  Trump spoke of the failure of the system that exists in place, and the lack of opportunity in our poorer urban communities.  Instead of encouraging the introduction of such important issues into the race for the Presidency, the Clinton Campaign almost overnight put together a video alleging that Donald Trump has ties to the KKK- a perfect example of what is wrong with our political system.

Although I'm sure the Trump Campaign won't hesitate to attack Clinton in the same fashion, I always endeavor to introduce issues that I feel are relavent and vetted.  Vetted by who?  By me; I've spent enough time living in DC and working inside the beast to have a useful perspective, if you will excuse the self-promotion.  I won't accuse Hillary Clinton of being a Chinese spy or a closet Marxist (she disposed of the closet long ago!).  But I will ask a very important question, that as of today, has yet to be addressed.  If Hillary Clinton is elected President, how will she be able to view classified material?  A simple review of Clinton's admitted actions involving classified documents when she was Secretary of State, preclude her from having any hope in hell of passing a background check.  If we consider only the actions that Clinton has admitted, and set aside the plethora of unanswered accusations, it would be a stretch to think that Clinton could get a "Confidential" level clearance, let alone a Top Secret/SCI clearance, which is a necessary tool for the President of the United States.  Its past time that the issue is addressed by the media.  How can we elect a President who cannot pass the necessary evaluation to earn a Top Secret/SCI clearance?

Let's take a look at that monstrosity identified as "The Clinton Foundation".  This entity serves to provide former President Bill Clinton the opportunity to raise money for a number of good causes across the globe.  The idea is that Bill Clinton has a great deal of influence among the powerful and wealthy around the world, and can bridge the gap between the needy and the resources necessary to improve lives.  It all sounds great, except for a handful of problems.  Have you ever heard of, or seen, The Clinton Foundation at work?  Have you ever seen a news special or documentary on some successful project to feed hungry people or educate the poor, that was made possible by the Clinton Foundation?  In the end, the Foundation is just like all the other charities that the rich and famous like to set up (lately its been folks in sports and the entertainment industry); lots of noise and money changing hands, but very little being accomplished.  The reality is, these Foundations serve to provide jobs to all of those who at one time or another, proved useful.  The Clinton Foundation is a "who's who" of Clinton supporters and useful contacts.  It costs a fortune to run a Foundation, especially when you take a look at what it's employees are paid.  At the end of the day, its a miracle that any money is left over at all to apply to the original goal.  But the Foundation continues to grow, and in the case of Bill Clinton, provide a never-ending supply of worshipers and fans.  Isn't Bill a great guy!

When Hillary Clinton joined the Obama Administration as Secretary of State, persons within Obama's inner circle expressed concern about the closeness of the Foundation to the State Department.  The Obama folks were assured that a "wall" existed, so that no overlap could take place.  So much for the wall.  So far, it has come to light that two of Hillary Clinton's State Deptartment Staff,  Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, continued to do work for the Foundation.  The real trouble for Hillary didn't start until a review of her meeting logs detailed that 55% of persons she met with in her role as Secretary of State, turned around and donated money to the Clinton Foundation.  Have you heard of Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury?  He is a friend of Bill Clinton's, gave at least one million dollars to The Foundation, and pledged to donate one billion dollars to the Clinton Global Initiative.  Not surprisingly, he was treated as a VIP by Hillary's State Department.  He has since been convicted of money laundering in Switzerland.

Sixty-three days do not provide enough time to dig into the hidden tunnels of contacts and favors that existed between Hillary Clinton's State Department and The Clinton Foundation.  So much money, so many discreet deals and purposely paid degrees-of-separation.  For persons who are planning to vote for Hillary Clinton, are you sure that all of this smoke doesn't lead to a fire somewhere down the line?  You may not like Trump, but he has lived his life as a businessman, doing his best to succeed within the framework of rules and regulations that exist for Real Estate Developers.  Clinton has been a politician her entire adult life, which inevitably leads to the type of complications discussed in the previous paragraphs.  Isn't it time we tried a different direction?

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