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Monday, April 4, 2016

A priceless Easter reminder.....

Normally I avoid discussing highly personal issues on this blog.  My original intention was to provide my insight into current events,  filtered through the prism of a retired CIA Intelligence Officer.  Since then, I have been reminded more than once that maybe I could use a few refresher courses regarding "intelligence". The idea that I could provide commentary on anything remotely involving culture and social interaction without getting "personal" was very short-sided.  Today I don't hide the fact that I'm a Christian, as I may have been tempted to do in the past.  The Liberal battering rams of the media and the ACLU have done their level-best to convince decent, God-fearing Americans to hesitate self-identifying as Christian.  As I wrote in this blog last week, 83 percent of the United States continues to be Christian, and it's time we came in from the cold.  Rejoice in your faith, and pray that others may be as fortunate as you.

Last week I was blessed to have Easter dinner with dear friends who I have known for more than three decades.  I had such an amazing time visiting with the children and the granchildren, all of whom seem to have such a confident, encouraging attitude regarding the future.  Just after dinner, when I was sitting with Beverly and Harry Jr. and Samuel and Harry III were educating me on the intricacies of economics, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned to my left, and there stood eleven year-old Cate, whose eyes are the type of all-knowing. brilliant blue that you only see on a child.  "Mr. Eric, did you go to Church today?", Cate asked.  "Why yes, I did", I replied.  Her response was a broad grin and a definitive "good!", and we all returned to our previous conversations.

I can't adequately express what a blessing it is to be reminded that no matter where I am in the world, God has someone watching out for me.  God bless you, Cate!

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