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Monday, April 20, 2015

The release of my book, Mukhabarat, Baby!, has been rescheduled for early May 2015; here's why:

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I have been obliged to reschedule the release date of my memoir, Mukhabarat, Baby!, from April 14, 2015 until early May, 2015.  Being someone who really appreciates a well-thought schedule for business activities, I can't say that the change in release dates was a comfortable transition on my part.  But I am not a businessman, and I have no experience in the world of book publishing, printing, conversions, proof galleys, etc.  Persons who are more familiar with this environment have explained that release dates can be tricky things, and that its best to aim for perfection, but prepare for a bit of flexibility, especially when self-publishing.

Because of my lack of understanding regarding the time required for some of the processes involved in the printing preparation, I chose a release date that was a few weeks short of being reasonable.  It wasn't a case of negligence on my part, it was simply that I didn't leave any room for error, and error always finds its way into endeavors involving so many different pieces.  So additional time was needed to deliver the high-quality product of which I demand.  A few little birds whispered in my ear that the tiny imperfections that I had discovered in the proof were not worth altering the timetable.  I disagreed, and my decision is the one that matters.  It was an expensive decision, that will continue to have a cost, but there was never any question that the changes, as incidental to the story itself and minor as they were, would be made. I'm convinced most folks in my shoes would make the same decision.  This book is tremendously personal; I am the common denominator which connects one chapter to the next, and without a doubt it is a clear reflection of who I am as a man.  When I approve this book for sale, I will be absolutely comfortable with the quality of the product that bears not only my name, but the name of my family.

I have made the decision to identify "early May, 2015" as the new release date.  As the process becomes clearer, I intend on providing an exact date.  Please do not let the rescheduling of the release date impact your interest in reading my book.  When I originally decided to share my experiences in book form, I was determined to introduce a certain amount of humanity to the CIA and its employees, which I felt was lacking in today's media.  I have full confidence in the heart and soul of Mukhabarat, Baby!, and if the enthusiasm of the handful of persons who have already previewed the book is any indication, I will achieve my goal. 

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