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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chris, Chris, why won't you follow me on Twitter?

Most of my regular readers know that the original motivation for creating this blog was to have a platform from which to share excerpts from my soon-to-be released memoir, "Mukhabarat, Baby!".  Since that time I've become hooked on blogging, especially with the regular comments I get from folks like Stephen and Ann.  Another mechanism for promoting both my blog and the book is to take full advantage of any exposure opportunities that Twitter provides.  So I learned my way around Twitter, and once every few days tweeted about my most recent blog post.  I also enjoyed connecting with like-minded folks who shared links of interest.  One of the most prolific Tweeters that caught my attention was "Chris" or @Chris_1791.  I noticed Chris because without exception, I agreed with the points of view that he shared through his Twitter links.  After following Chris, I realized that his modest self-description reminded me of  Conservative, pro-military, Laus deo Roman Catholic, Prolife, Pro-Israel, etc.  So I followed Chris, looked forward to reading his daily observations (and visiting his blog,, and waited for Chris to return the follow.  Was I wrong in expecting Chris to return the follow?  I'm not presumptuous by nature, and I don't believe that following someone's Twitter account should oblige the other party to reciprocate.  But in this instance, Chris and I shared absolutely every point of view.  I wanted Chris to read my blog and to give consideration to my perspective.  Why?  Because I admired Chris so much.  True, I knew nothing about Chris, except what he chose to share on his short Twitter bio.  But we agreed on so many things.  Actually, everything except the "ethno-geography".  Chris is Irish and lives in Philly, and Eric is French and lives in Texas.

But Chris never returned my Twitter follow.

Being very new to Twitter and a difficult student at the Academy of Social Media, I had no idea what to do next. Ironically, Chris' was the first Twitter account that I chose to follow that did not return the favor, so I had absolutely no experience in this area.  More importantly, my feelings were hurt.  Forgive me, but I see myself as a bit of a masculine, no-drama kinda guy.  When I consider the lexicon of my emotions, "hurt" doesn't usually make an appearance.  Preferring simplicity where emotions are concerned, I usually go from baseline to angry or baseline to happy, with an occasional baseline to sad when a relative has died.  My Twitter friends were quick to point out that Chris has 64.5K followers, which means he must be busy.  But I can't help but notice the 55.6K accounts he follows, and how one more wouldn't tip the cart, I don't think.  Of course, this post was written "tongue in cheek", as a salute to my ability to get wrapped up in another experiment in Social Media.  My Space, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and a flock of other creations are waiting to take their place in line.  Who knows how many more I'm good for.  Some folks disagree, but from my optic, Social Media does serve a good purpose.  Earlier today I visited Chris' blog, and read every link that I hadn't already stumbled across.  People like Chris keep me educated, and guarantee that nothing slips through the cracks.  And that is much more important than getting another Twitter follower. 

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