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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ISIL Recruitment Grows

ISIL said to be paying lucrative salaries to recruits
SpainArrest Eight on Suspicion of ISIL Recruitment
ISIL is Recruiting in India For Iraq & Syria Wars
CLAIM: Austria is "Jihad Hub" second only to London

One of the more popular topics of the week is the apparent efforts by jihadists to recruit in the West.  Although I also read a report about efforts to recruit in India, a marked increase in efforts to recruit in Europe and the United States should be expected.  ISIL is in possession of an impressive amount of modern weaponry that frankly does them little good at this point.  Much the equipment that the Iraqi Army handed to ISIL fighters in Iraq has state-of-the-art components.  Federal Law Enforcement in the United States must be aware of the likelihood that jihadist groups will be targeting (for recruitment) disenchanted and and disgruntled former soldiers.  Take a look around....there are many reasons for soldiers who have returned stateside from Iraq and Afghanistan in the last 5 years to be disappointed with life "apr├Ęs la guerre".  The Veterans Administration is in the midst of a colossal scandal, not to mention the broken economy which in many cases can only offer these young folks jobs at McDonalds or Walmart.  The scenario is worse in America's inner cities, where Islamic Extremism has traditionally found converts.
ISIL needs former soldiers, especially those with training on American equipment.  No doubt an effort is already underway to reach out to former military men and women and convince them to join the Holy War for the Caliphate (I will address the historic implications of the Caliphate in tomorrow's blog entry; be sure to tune in and learn about "The Levant").  It is likely that ISIL, along with a variety of other extremist groups, have taken full advantage of the "Get In Free" policy that the current administration has in place at our borders (to be fair, persons apprehended in the United States illegally are given an initial hearing with an Immigration Judge, at which time the Judge assigns the Asylum or Refugee Applicant a future "Notice to Appear"; they are then usually released on their own recognizance....I wonder what percentage actually appear for the hearing).  It is likely we have more "sleeper cells" hiding in our cities than at any other time in our history.  These veterans of the cause play an important role in the recruitment of new troops for the Caliphate.  They are able to spin the takes of glory from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, and remind their audience about the gifts awaiting all martyrs for Allah.
Europe has been dealing with this recruitment monster for years, particularly the United Kingdom.  The recruitment effort in Europe (not surprisingly) is centered on particular mosques.  Certain mosques have elaborate communication resources with mosques (and groups) on other cities in Europe and in the Middle East.  The Brits have done an outstanding job identifying and in many cases shutting down some of these recruitment efforts, but as is evident from the videos we are seeing from ISIL, a number of young British men appear to have found a niche at ISIL's management level.  Other European Law Enforcement Agencies, utilizing Interpol, have also had successes, including Austria and Denmark.  But until the European Union gets serious about instituting a viable and toothy immigration policy, recruits will be easy to find.  Within these groups of recruits will be numerous young men and women from countries who still practice Conscription (mandatory military service). 
Addressing the efforts of jihadi groups to recruit former military will increase the resources ISIL must use.  Any serious effort to combat the growth of this group must include disruption operations at efforts to recruit, efforts to resupply, and efforts to raise money.

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