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Friday, May 6, 2016

Now that Trump has won, how do we make the best of it?

Most Republicans I know did not support Donald Trump.  The fact that I live in Texas goes a long way to explaining that fact.  Texans did not flock to support Trump, and only some of it an be blamed on the candidacy of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Folks in Texas think Trump is a nasty man and a bit of a con artist.  Actually, with a negative rating of fifty-two percent, its not just Texans that think Trump is not a good guy, so to speak.  So how do you explain his meteoric rise to the top of the Republican Party? Simple: conservatives across the country are aware of just how much Trump will piss off the left in a General Election campaign season.  And after eight years of regular insults from the Obama Administration in both commentary and policy, Trump "calling it like it is" is the tastiest way to give it back to the Democrats.  Whether your issue is socialized medicine or Christians being forced by law to bake for a lesbian wedding, conservatives are angry.  And one of their targets is the wimpy, DC-establishment Republican Party that, with the exception of Ted Cruz, has shown no courage or conviction when it comes to getting in the way of Obama and his policy of "blame America first".  Senator Ted Cruz has stood up to both the Obama Administration and the limp-wrested GOP establishment.  But he also became a victim of both Trump's established presence in American society and the media's determination to pick the GOP candidate, just as they did with McCain and Romney.  The media is sitting on a mountain of stories critical of Trump, and this ammo of the left is meant to solidify in the mind of the Independent Voter, the idea that Trump is not just a bigot, but a potential predator.  He also has a history of doing business in sweatshops and with nations that the U.N. has accused of borderline slavery.  We will also get to hear all the ugly, sordid details of "Trump University", and how Trump stole money that young people had borrowed to attend his "University".  You may ask yourself, where was all this negative information during the primaries?", but don't bother; just remember, this is how the media has been able to msnipulate the conservative voter into choosing weak candidates in the General Election.

Most reasonable political analysts expect Hillary Clinton to beat Trump by ten to fifteen percent.  I have to agree; Trump will respond like a Bully when he is attacked by the media, and soon almost everyone will be turning-up their nose at The Donald.  But if, by some chance, he should win, what can we expect from a Trump Administration?  Trump has declared that he will have the plan for the Mexican border wall in place within the first six-months of his presidency.  He also claims that one of his first actions will be to re-start the process of deporting not only illegal immigrant felons, but illegal immigrants period!  I almost voted for the guy because of his immigration policy alone, but lip-service and actually being able to legally take us back eight years is going to be an uphill struggle.  Obama seeded the Federal Government with management-level political appointees, and it will take some time to root out all of these people.  Trump also plans on rewriting our international trade treaties with China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and a few other nations.  This is another of Trump's policies that I really support, but I just don't see a legal way of re-writing these trade agreements and treaties.  The U.S. has international obligations, and if we start ignoring them, then we can't expect other countries to respect the treaties that actually favor the U.S.  As for international relations, I'm not really sure how Trump will begin his relationship with the military.  The only comments I heard from Trump regarding foreign policy, are that we need to spend more on the military, and "we need to wipe out ISIS in one day".  I support Trump in his criticism of the Obama Administration's foreign policy, and I truly hope he makes strengthening the Veterans Administration a top priority.  Also. We do have the weaponry to decimate ISIS in a matter of days.  Traditionally, Republican Presidents have been hesitant regarding a heavy footprint in the Middle East without Saudi acquiesance (with the exception of the second Iraq War).  I hope Trump follows through on his promise to end our "discreet" relationship with Arab Oil that allows the Gulf Monarchies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain way too much influence in Oval Office decision-making.

This week my friend JoAnn and I were discussing the negative connotations of Trump carrying the GOP banner, and we both agreed that we would vote for Trump, because voting for Hillary Clinton just isn't an option.  But we don't know what to fear more- a Trump presidency or the Hillary cake walk that the media and press are gearing up to set in motion.

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