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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Donald Trump- Hillary Clinton's Ace in the Hole.

For much of 2015, it appeared that the GOP would be a tough out for the Democrats in the 2016 Presidential Election.  It was apparent that a slew of folks were going to enter the Republican side of the race, and that Hillary Clinton might not have any opposition whatsoever, but the red-staters seemed organized, and Conservative voters from Bangor, Maine, to San Diego, California appeared mobilized for change after eight years of uncontrolled debt and "rule by decree" (my new term for Executive Action).  I remember in the summer of 2015, when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul seemed to be maneuvering for the pole position on the Republican side.  How things have changed.  Rand Paul seemed in implode early on, bats in-the-belfry Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders decided to give Hillary some competition, and Donald Trump entered the fray as a Republican candidate, because he said it was time for him to do the job that those who he previously supported (I assume McCain and Romney" were not up to the task.  At first, like many, I assumed that this effort was just another one of Trump's media sideshows, and who knows, maybe in the beginning, he didn't actually intend to be a serious candidate.  But the voters on the right were reviewing the names already announced as candidates, and most of those names seemed very familiar, and part of the dastardly DC "establishment"; a Bush was even running, for goodness sake.  When Trump stood in front of the cameras and spouted off about building walls and killing the enemy and millions of new jobs, he certainly touched a nerve.  He is not an established politician (although believe me, no one is more "Establishment" than Donald Trump").  As the crowds got bigger and the angry conservative electorate began to pay attention, Trump began strutting around, proclaiming that Carly Fiorina was too ugly to be President, that Ted Cruz is a liar, and that respected neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson might just be a Pedophile.  Wow.  And that's not all.  Trump, a natural bully at heart, announces his intention to accomplish one monumental feat after another.  And, of course, since he is a "successful businessman" (ahem), he would have no problem sitting down and working things out with Vladimir Putin.  Trump was in his element, and giving the mainstream media enough material to sink any candidate.  So what happened?

The reality is, the spotlight treatment of Trump, his behavior, comments, and "platform", never materialized.  When I consider what kind of shit-storm our media would have created for Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, but I see Trump basically being given a pass, I was flummoxed.  What was happening?  Certainly the voters were responding.  Trump jumped right into the lead position in most polls, almost as if it had been intended.  What wasn't Trump being seriously pressured to break down his ideas, and give us the goods behind all the sound bytes?  Who was going to build this wall?  What about wildlife and environmental concerns?  How do you intend on destroying ISIS in "one day", as you've said you intend to do?  What policies will you enact that will create all the millions of jobs you keep talking about?  And Mr. Strums, do you believe that your behavior to date in this campaign, sets a good role model for children?  The media touched on the Fiorina story for a few minutes, but laughed it off without much after thought.  And while Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Kasich painfully take us through their almost identical ideas regarding the rejuvenation of our country, Trump is not required to provide details on anything.  Why not try what I call "The Trump Challenge".  Find a Trump supporter and ask him or her to explain how intends to achieve any of his goals.  Good luck on getting that answer.

I am convinced that many in the media are determined to see Donald Trump get the GOP nomination.  Why?  Because as all the national polls illustrate, Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump in a national election.  Interestingly enough, the same polls show Rubio and Cruz BEATING Clinton.  How can this make sense, when Trump is winning most of the Republican Primaries and Caususes?  The answer has to do with the finicky Moderate/Independent Voter.  This voting bloc is just as appalled with the Obama Administration as are the folks on the right, but they will never coalesce behind a Trump candidacy.  The Independent Voter has a chip on their shoulder, and they truly value the process and their vote.  To them, Trump is a charlatan, an attention addict who has inadvertently caught lightening in a bottle.  The Independent Voter is willing to give Cruz or Rubio a shot over Hillary, but not Trump.  The majority of the mainstream media, which is even more now than ever in lock-step with the Democrat Establishment Machine, is bound and determined to bring home another Clinton Presidency, and they are grooming Donald Trump as the patsy for Hillary to beat in November.  Amazingly, the political press continues to refer to Trump as the "anti-Establishment candidate" on the right.  After years of greasing the palms of the leaders of both parties (including Hillary), Trump is as anti-Estsblishment is Boss Tweed.  Ted Cruz has been sitting in Congress for the past five years, fighting the Establishment almost to a fault.  Remember the filibuster over the budget?  Cruz was determined to represent the majority of Americans by demanding reform and a cut in spending, so he filibustered the vote on the budget, a move that "anti-Establishment" Trump, criticizes.

Personally, I have hope that once the details of "Trump University" become public, a sense of sanity will return.  Are we really prepared to elect someone President who knowingly set-up and defrauded so many young people of millions of dollars?  And with a President Trump, how long before he decides that everyone in Congress are "stupid ugly liars", and starts ruling through Executive Action?   It's as obvious as the makeup he wears that this man intends not to govern, BUT TO RULE.

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